What To Sell & How To Get Ready

Fairy Dust accepts a wide variety of items that are new or in gently used condition. We are looking to help you make a profit that matches your preparation. Items we wish to keep will be hand selected at drop off and all other items that were declined can be donated or taken back home.

Listed below are items that we do accept and items that we do not accept. Items in bad condition, items not working, items with missing pieces, or items with odors will be rejected. We do not accept items with stains or holes. Please do not bring clothing items in trash bags!

Before dropping off your items, please make sure they have been gone through. Items in bad condition will not sell and therefore will not contribute to your profit! Attached to the drop off page is our seller contract that you can print out to sign and bring when you drop off. The contract goes over all of our policies as well as how we work in terms of percentage split and the time your items spend with us!

All Items Must Be
Freshly Cleaned
In Excellent Condition

Items We Accept

Things We Don't Accept

  • No recalled baby items 

  • No food or formula

  • No makeup

  • No out of manufacturing period for baby items

  • No breast pumps

  • No women’s suits 

  • No bedding sets

  • No blankets

  • No adult pajamas

  • No T-shirts (vacation shirts, church shirts, summer cap shirts, no company shirts, event shirts) 

  • No dog items

  • No pots and pans

  • No dish ware

  • No cheap flip flops

  • No hair accessories (includes bows, straighteners, hair ties)

  • No adult undergarments (only Victoria Secret Bras) 

  • Name brand sports bras ONLY 

  • No adult athletic wear besides (Nike, Under Armor,  Lulu Lemon, Reebok, New Balance, Adidas) 

  • No pictures or mirrors (select canvases) 

  • No lamps

  • No adult books

  • No R movies

  • No items with missing pieces

  • No out of date clothing (more than 2-3 years old- this does include formal wear)