Silentmode Headphones


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Description : Silentmode's Powermask is a unique relaxation mask that eliminates all visual and auditory distractions, enabling you to fully focus on breathing exercises from our Breathonics app. Just connect it to your phone (Bluetooth or cable), put it on, and do your Breathonics exercises. The Powermask and our breathing exercises will help you: ✔️ Fall asleep quickly and effortlessly ✔️ Enjoy deep, restorative sleep so you can wake up full of energy ✔️ Overcome stress by calming your nervous system ✔️ Stay focused and re-energize during the day so you don't have an afternoon slump ✔️ Relax on demand whenever you get anxious You can also sleep, meditate, and even nap in the Powermask thanks to its 100% blackout.

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Category : Accessory

Brand : Silentmode